The National Security Law Program includes a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that probes the complexities of national security law and policy-making.

  • L8862 S. Constitutional War Powers
  • L8951 S. Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Surveillance Law
  • L8899 S. Practicing International Law
  • Civil Liberties and the Response to Terrorism
  • Congress in American Foreign and Defense Policy (See Article)
  • Cybersecurity: Policy, Legal and Technical Aspects
  • Federal Criminal Law
  • Geopolitics of Law and Conflict on the Korean Peninsula
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Privacy Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Lawyering Within Government
  • National Security Investigations and Prosecutions
  • September 11 and the Rights of Noncitizens
  • The Public Law Workshop on Executive Power
  • The United States and the International Legal System

In addition, the Law School offers an array of courses related to other areas of national security law, such as United Nations Peacekeeping, Constitution and Foreign Affairs, and Civil Liberties and the Response to Terrorism. Browse complete list of course offerings.